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World Cup: Day 20

No matter that FIFA President Sepp Blatter apologized to Mexico about the missed call against Argentina that may or may not have played a vital role in El Tri's demise from the World Cup. It the end, Mexico is out and they received the usual "it's appreciated" and thanks for playing.

Nothing is more ridiculous than making changes after the damage is done. Now, only now, does Blatter want to reopen the subject video technology at FIFA's July meeting. Maybe he's just providing a bit of lip service so many of us are tired of hearing.

Mexico's coach Javier Aguirre, who is back in Mexico, told reporters he made errors both as a person and leader of the team. Among the usual "suits" in attendance was Justino Compean, the Federacion Mexicana de Futbol (FMF) president, and other dignitaries.

Aguirre had been criticized for several of his decisions such as his selection of Adolfo "Bofo" Bautista rather than Jonathan Dos Santos.

Today the critics may have their payback: Aguirre resigned his post as Mexico's head coach. Not that Compean, I'm guessing, had given him much of a choice.

"The first person responsible is me. I believe that I have to resign my job. It’s the most honest solution, the fairest and it’s something I have to do," Aguirre said.

To the critics: Keep in mind Aguirre's success. He managed the team to Mexico's first victory over the United States (on U.S. soil) in the Copa de Oro. He revitalized the Mexican national team when so many other coaches were not up to the job.

Like my good friend, Chuletas, the super fan, said, "He can do a good job, if they (FMF) let him." How true of so many who need to understand the meaning of micro-managing.