World Cup draw analysis

Now that the World Cup 2012 draw is history, it's time to look ahead to the June 11-July 11 competition in South Africa.

Looking at the draw and the results for Latin American teams, México, for example, ended up in Group A along with South Africa, Uruguay and France.

The great surprise for the team led by Javier Aguirre was that México will kick off the tournament against the host team. That opening match will have the entire world's attention.

In terms of outcomes, México should win this match if it wants to reach the second round because South Africa is the weakest of the group. France and Uruguay will have formidable teams stocked with players from the European circuit.

México faces a tough road to the quarterfinals, but it must first think about its round-of-16 opponent which will come from a group led by Argentina. The way México sewed up its World Cup ticket in the CONCACAF qualifying left many thinking that the team was still jelling and that there was much room to improve. To this point, it is not a serious World Cup contender.

Uruguay, meanwhile, must realize that México will not be an easy foe, and should concentrate on getting a positive result against France in its first match.