Valley’s water woes are far from over

If there is any part of California that has suffered more from the recent six-year drought (and, there are indications more dry years are ahead of us), it has to be the heart of the San Joaquín Valley, which relies on average annual rainfall of 11.5 inches of rain plus whatever snowfall graces the Sierra mountains.


This country is finally coming to its senses

Previous editorials have focused on all the bad that President Donald J. Trump and his administration have unleashed on what has been sensible, American values when it comes to refugees, the environment, judicial appointments, presidential decorum and more.


Immigration debate isn’t child’s play

In recent weeks, the Trump administration – notably Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Homeland Securities Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen – has staunchly defended the practice of separating children from their parents who have crossed the border, mostly seeking asylum to escape certain death in their home countries.


Trump y la separación de los niños indocumentados

La política del presidente Trump de separar a un creciente número de padres indocumentados de sus hijos es tan cruel – e innecesaria – que debería ser denunciada ante las Naciones Unidas y la Organización de Estados Americanos. Así de grave es la cosa.

Yosemite’s Glacier Point is the Backdrop for Naturalization of 44 from 10 countries on Sept. 19

USCIS and the National Park Service presented a naturalization ceremony in Yosemite National Park. The keynote speaker at this event was Senior Vice President for Wells Fargo’s Government and Community Relations Group Tim Rios.


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