Faith in her store

Two years ago Selena Arroyo worked full-time for a local cannery, but her lifetime goal was to open her own business. One of her sisters who had experience in the furniture business told Arroyo she would help her out if she wanted to open a furniture store.

That is how Selena and her husband Ignacio invested all of their savings to open their own store, Selena's Furniture Inc.

"You could say I started from zero because I had no business experience or how to sell furniture but with time I have learned it quite well," said Selena Arroyo. "I can now talk to you about fabrics, manufacturers, prices and how to run a business."

Even though the economy has taken a toll in the business, Arroyo is hopeful things will get better.

"I am a person of faith and I do believe that God will bring us better opportunities for my business and for my clients," she said.opening up another furniture store but for now we will stay focused on keeping this one going and making it more attractive in order to improve our sales," she said.