Top correctional officers honored

On November 2010, officer Jesús S. Coronado, of Calipatria State Prison, became a hero when he saved the lives of three children and their mother.

The incident occurred after Coronado, left his job in Calipatria, close to the border between México and California, when he suddenly saw a car fall into a canal drain.

Immediately, Coronado stopped to help and was surprised to find three children crying for help, while their mother was out of the car. Everybody was trying to stay afloat to avoid drowning.

Coronado began taking one of the kids and put him in the canal bank for safekeeping. After that he did the same with the other kids and the woman. With this Coronado earn the respect of the other officers who arrived at the scene.

"I did not think at that moment about me, I just wanted to save the children, who cried desperately. Of course I put my life at risk but in my profession that the way it is, to help others regardless of your own safety," Coronado said.

This act earned Coronado last week to receive the Medal of Valor awarded annually for governor's office and the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, to highlight and recognize the work of the most outstanding officers of the year depending on the exploits they have achieved.