Sac State student affected by status

SACRAMENTO -- Even though Jesús Limón is not an American citizen, he considers himself all an American person who helps his community and makes everything a real citizen makes for the country.

Limón, 26, feels it is totally unfair that, although he has lived almost his entire life in California, this country is not able to recognize his success only because he does not has a legalized document stating that he is an American.

When Limón heard the news about the words of President Obama regarding a possible measure to legalize the undocumented he say the first thing he thought was "this is just a political game."

"I honestly don't think it will be a solution to this immigration problem, this is all part of Obama's political game just to try to imply that he is doing something for the immigrants but the fact is that he does not have the intention of fix this situation," said Limón, who was born in Jalisco, México

Limón believes Obama has never really done anything and did not want to use all his power to give a clear solution and the community realizes that there is the slightest desire on their part to legalize the undocumented.

"Besides this is a game is also a kind of trick because Obama has not really explained anything, nobody understands exactly what he is saying and everything is maybe a plan to continue with his policy of deportations," said Limón.

Limón's situation is similar to that of millions of undocumented immigrants who have avoided criminal acts.

"There are many people who work for the greatness of this country, which I myself one of these peoplebecause I always work hard to be a person of benefit to the community," said Limón.

Limón played football from a young age, and is pursuing a degree in English at Sacramento State University.