Tuition spike forces student to make lifestyle changes: Sacramento

Sacramento-- Roberto Guzmán knows very well what it's like to grow up in a very tight economic family situation. Yet that is no reason for him not to pursue his dreams and ambitions.

His parents brought a then one-year-old Guzmán to California from their native Zacatecas so it's no surprise he considers California his home.

Guzmán graduated from high school last year and is getting ready to attend Sacramento City College. His goal is to become an immigration lawyer.

But his concern for a higher education grew last week when it was announced that school enrollment fees would increase, yet again, and he cannot afford it.

"At first I thought I would have to leave school behind because my parents could not pay a dollar more than they pay now but I did not resigned. I decided to get a part time job and be able to pay my own studies," said Guzmán, 18.

Guzmán is planning to make some adjustments to his lifestyle to save more money and not have to leave school.

"I'm thinking about not going out every weekend and stop buying clothes or other items. Also I will start asking for scholarships but I know that will be difficult because I am undocumented," he said.

Guzmán said that it is unfair that public colleges and universities have decided to increase the truition prices, just as the state's economic situation is worst than ever.

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