Chamber highlights Latinas' labor

CITRUS HEIGHTS -- For fourth year in a row, the Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (SHCC) celebrated the contributions and successes of women entrepreneurs of the area.

During the 4th Latina Women's annual Gala, the chamber recognized the talent and entrepreneurship that women bring to the local economy providing services in all areas of businesses.

"The work of women entrepreneurs, in Sacramento as well as in the rest of the state, has great value to the local economy because without their support, it wouldn't be possible for our region to be as prosperous as it has been for decades," said Steve Gándola, president of SHCC.

He added that one of the objectives of the event was to help promote, support, and educate women entrepreneurs.

"We are excited to know that here today we have students, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and counselors to celebrate the success of all Latina women in our community," said Gándola.

The event, organized by Citrus Heights community center, was attended by hundreds of women who took part in different workshops and talks about how to improve their businesses and how to make them prosper.

The main topic of the meeting this year was 'Building Tomorrow,' which focused on how Latina women fight in the area of businesses and how they prepare to face the future.

"This kind of events are very helpful for women entrepreneur since they can connect you with other businesspeople and you are given the opportunity to showcase your business to make it grow," said María Padilla Ángel, Regional Vice-President of Macy's.

The first workshop they attended was "Creating a Curriculum for an Outstanding Leadership,' taught by Rubén Guzmán, president of Aka Coach Rubén, about how to turn into a proficient and outstanding entrepreneurial leader.

"To be a leader in today's market you need to have all the tools and strategies needed to succeed, in addition, leadership is very important because this is what guarantees the success of our business," said Guzmán to all entrepreneurs in attendance.

Another workshop focused on personal finances, in which local businessman, Ken Macías, talked about the importance of savings and a good investment strategy to succeed in a business.

"The workshops were really good and we where explained in detail everything, that as entrepreneurs, we should know to succeed with our businesses. In addition we were given the opportunity to socialize with other entrepreneurs of the area which gave us the opportunity to make our businesses known," said Mónica Rodríguez, president of SpanishOne Translations.

The special guest at the event was Rosie Ríos, U.S. Treasurer, who congratulated all women in attendance for the social and economical contributions to their communities, and for the courage and fighting spirit that has always made Latina women outstand.

"I really didn't mean to be in a government position but I finally accepted the challenge and I am now proud to be the first Latina to hold the position of treasurer and it is something that I do with all the dedication and effort to do my best," said Ríos, who is from California y proud to have parents from Jalisco.

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