Maldonado to make Congressional bid

Sacramento-- Former California Lt. Gov. Abel Maldonado confirmed he is running for U.S. Congressman for District 23, the new position to which he aspires in 2012.

It was last April when this Republican politician began to consider the idea of running for that position and now he clearly says: "I want to be a congressman because I have demonstrated my commitment and my ability to make things run smoothly in Washington and California to achieve for our people and everything necessary to bring up our state."

According to documents from the Federal Election Commission, Maldonado has completed all the requirements to be a candidate which allows him to create his own campaign and raising public funds.

And that's the last step that Maldonado has been carried out. According to official data, the now candidate collected until last June, $530,000 of a total of 174 contributors to his campaign.

"There are many people and organizations that rely on my job because I have always strive to give and always fight for my community, this has caused people to support me and provide resources to my campaign. That gives me the certainty and confidence to move forward," said Maldonado.

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