Mexican Government to promote higher education in USA

Sacramento-- The Institute for Mexicans Abroad (IME) is finding more ways to improve the quality of life of Mexican nationals who live in the United States by providing scholarship money for a higher education.

For years, the institute has promoted and funded basic adult education for those who live in the States, but it now aims to support Mexican nationals who want to pursue a college education.

According to Sergio Ochoa, consul and coordinator of IME in Sacramento, the Mexican Government will provide monetary resources to those pursuing their education at a two or four-year university; that university will be asked to match those funds; and a third institution will be asked to provide the remaining resources.

"This is a fact, this program will be a reality but so far we have not defined the procedures on how to obtain the funds or find the educational institutions in Sacramento who want to participate," Ochoa said.

All 48 Mexican Consulates in the United States will be participating.

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