Republican pushes anti-immigrant measure

Sacramento-- A new anti-immigrant measure in California seeks to deport illegal immigrants when they ask for food stamps or MediCal services.

This proposal was submitted last week by a group of Republican leaders in Southern California whoare currenlty collecting signatures to place the initiative on the ballot for the upcoming elections.

"Once and for all, it's time to end the problem of illegal immigration in California. We are already doing the work to convince the state's taxpayers to support our measure," said Tirso de Junco, former president of the California Republican Party in the early '80s.

Del Junco, a native of Cuba, decided to formed this activist group called Taxpayer Protection Act of 2012, which intends to put an end to illegal immigration by detecting undocumented immigrants through public agencies.

The measure also asks that CalWorks employees have permission to check individuals' immigration status; it seeks to eliminate 'sanctuary cities;' support the Safe Communities program; enforce the 287g program; and, cooperate with state and federal authorities to crack down on illegal immigrants.

In order to get the measure on the ballot, the activist group m ust collect 500,000 signatures.

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