Funds for preschoolers

A new legislative bill would require all California children have access to a pre-school education of which many fail to complete.

This is bill AB 2252 of Senator Alberto Torrico, D-San Francisco, who last week held a press conference at a West Sacramento kinder to discuss this initiative and its implications for the future.

"A large percentage of children, especially immigrants, do not receive a pre-school education because many factors such as their parents' lack of economic resources or lack of information, so this proposal seeks that all children can receive this type of education," Torrico said.

What Torrico wants is for the state increases the budget for pre-schoolers through The Power of Preschool (PoP) program, which would expand and make more funds available statewide.

The PoP is a statewide program that has 9,600 students in preschool and has nine pilot programs in counties such as Yolo, Sacramento and Fresno.