Arizona boycott possible

Community leaders expressed hope that the city will soon join a boycott against Arizona, after the Sacramento City Council showed its support for this measure.

At a heated council meeting attended by around 80 people at city hall two weeks ago, the boycott debate resulted in support from most councilmembers.

"It's almost a fact," said Efrén Gutiérrez, president of the Chicano Consortium. "Looking at today's full support from councilmembers, we are confident that the city will soon announce the boycott. Everything is given to make this a reality."

At the council meeting six councilmembers, including Mayor Kevin Johnson, spoke in favor of the measure while two expressed some doubts. Still to be decided in the coming days is the drafting of a boycott document and a council vote the second week of June.

"We are confident that this boycott will be very soon, which gives us satisfaction because the Arizona law is an attack against the civil rights of people and the dignity of those least able to defend themselves," said former Sacramento police chief Arturo Venegas, one of the first proponents of this measure at the state level.

Venegas said the boycott is designed to make an economic impact on Arizona, with the intention of getting the state to eliminate "a racist initiative."

Councilman Rob Fong, of District 5, introduced the boycott proposal.

"It is the responsibility of the city to hear this misguided and ill-conceived law. So I ask my colleagues to support a resolution condemning the law and instituted the boycott in the same way as it has been done in other cities," Fong said.