Ynés Lizárraga graduates at age 56

Just over 35 years it took to Ynés Lizárraga to reach one of her greatest desires in life: graduate from college and earn a degree in Arts.

Lizárraga is one of the students who graduated last week from American River City College but the difference compared to their peers, is that she currently has 56 years of age.

"It's like a dream, it is still hard to believe," said Lizárraga showing a smile of satisfaction. "Honestly I never thought that after so many years I could achieve my dream I left incomplete 35 years ago."

Now she realizes that there is no age to overcome, it's all about you want something in life and desire and will can accomplish.

The reason Lizárraga dropped out was because when she was young never was convinced that this is what she wanted at that time. For her the most important thing was parties, work and earn money.

"When you are 21 years old you never think about the future, you believes that your entire life will be pretty and you put all your future in your beauty. Unfortunately I realized that I made a mistake but now I could amend it and the satisfaction is great," said Lizárraga, who worked for over 20 years in an insurance company.

What drove Lizárraga to return to school, which left it incomplete when he studied at San Jose, was because five years ago her husband died, leaving her in a very difficult situation and redefining her life.

"After my husband died I realized that I had not really done anything in life, all my life had depended on one person, which made me think and realize that I could still do a lot of positive things in my life," said Lizárraga, mother of a 21-year-old son.