Trade pact opposed

A resolution to reject the Free Trade Agreement between the U.S. and Colombia was approved last week by the Assembly Jobs, Economic Development and Economy Committee.

The resolution AJR 27, by Assemblymember Alberto Torrico, D-San Francisco, was approved by four of the six committee members and now heads to the full Assembly.

Its main intention is to call the United States Congress to reverse the trade agreement.

"American workers benefit from trade agreements with other countries where there are rules and have a system which takes into account workers. Unfortunately this is not the case in Colombia because there is an attack against workers and even with their lives," said Torrico.

The major point of disagreement is that in Colombia does not respect human rights and, worse still over 500 trade unionists have been killed during the administration of President Álvaro Uribe.

"Colombia's paramilitary organizations associated with political and economic interests threatened with death simply because workers want to unionize or demonstrate," said Torrico.