Passion, bouncing back and enjoying the journey are three tips for incoming students

New Fresno State Provost Dr. Saúl Jiménez-Sandoval provided some advice to incoming students.
New Fresno State Provost Dr. Saúl Jiménez-Sandoval provided some advice to incoming students.

Finding your passion, learning to bounce back, while at the same time enjoying the college journey, were the three points of advice the new Fresno State Provost Dr. Saúl Jiménez-Sandoval provided to incoming students during the new student convocation on Aug. 19 at the Save Mart Center.

Jiménez-Sandoval talked to students about the three ‘basic truths’ that helped him graduate from college and encourage them to come up with their own.

“I am going to encourage you to think of your own three truths,” he said. “So truth No. 1 for me: Find the golden key to your life.”

But what is a golden key?

Jiménez-Sandoval explained that it is finding the field of study that would allow students to unlock the doors to their future career and to their future selves.

And once the student has that enlightening moment while seating in a class and said to themselves “‘I want to become … fill in the blank,’” Jiménez-Sandoval said to those in attendance “pursue your dream. Take 15 units per semester to graduate on time” and to seek out academic advisors for their classes.

And if a student is enrolled in a class that seems overwhelming, “don’t despair, don’t ever despair,” Jiménez-Sandoval said, adding “seek out tutoring. We have vast resources that would help you overcome any challenges and pass any class, any class, believe me.”

Jiménez-Sandoval’s truth No. 2 is to learn to bounce back.

He reminded students that during their college journey, they will encounter many challenges and will fail and fall and that’s understandable.

“We all do, but we all learn to bounce back. How did you bounce back? How did I bounce back?” said Jiménez-Sandoval. “Friends, family and your passion for life. Your vision for what drives you, your dreams of a university degree when you walked across the stage, this helps you bounce back.”

“Find a way around the roadblock and find new avenues of growth and learning and never, ever, ever, give up your dream,” said Jiménez-Sandoval before going on to talk about his truth number three – enjoying the journey.

“You are embarking on a journey, a journey of discovery and knowledge. One that leads to you walking across this very stage getting your Fresno State degree,” he said. “Enjoy the journey. Explore fields of knowledge.”

Jiménez-Sandoval suggested that if a student is a science major to take classes in art, social science and humanity, for example.

“These fields would help you become a holistic person and vice versa. And remember take 15 units to graduate on time,” Jiménez-Sandoval said just before he recapped his three points.

“So three things for you. Find your golden key. Your passion, your goals, will empower you to become your own self,” He said. “Learn to bounce back. Keep focus in times of need and never, ever, ever, give up your dream of getting your diploma from this grand university of Fresno State. And three enjoy the journey, enjoy your Fresno state.”

“Yes, you belong here. We are the heartbeat of the valley and you would become the future leaders of our community,” Jiménez-Sandoval said before leaving the students with one thought for them to take with them.

“Go home, go to your dorms, go to your apartment, and come up with three truths of your own, write them down, keep them close to your heart,” Jiménez-Sandoval challenge the students.

However, if they needed it go on with their life, Jiménez-Sandoval said, “you can change them but keep always three truths to keep you going.”

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