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Political ad designed to stop the ‘Trumpadas’ against Latino, immigrant communities

Mi Familia Vota launched a 30-second campaign ad titled ‘Trompadas’ in an effort to get Latinos to vote in the mid-term elections.
Mi Familia Vota launched a 30-second campaign ad titled ‘Trompadas’ in an effort to get Latinos to vote in the mid-term elections. Vida en el Valle

The black-and-white, 30-second video is stark.

“They’re bringing drugs.” (A man gets slapped).

“They’re bringing crime.” (The same man gets slapped).

“They’re rapists.” (A third slap for the man).

“These aren’t people, they’re animals.” (A different man uses his hand to stop the slap).

“We have to do something about it.” (A woman gets slapped).

“And we have to start by building a wall.” (A man gets slapped).

“A big, beautiful, powerful wall.” (Several men and women get slapped).

“They’re not sending their best.” (A man uses his hand to stop the slap).

The voice is that of President Donald J. Trump.

<iframe width="1280" height="720" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/NCaDQHo8OAY" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

The message – being delivered in a $300,000 advertising campaign that premiered Thursday morning on ‘Fox and Friends,’ ‘Morning Joe’ and ‘New Day’ – is that through their vote, the Latino community can stop the “Trumpadas.”

The word ‘Trumpadas’ is a play on the president’s name and the Spanish word trompadas, which means a slap or punch to the face.

“By reminding Latino voters of what Trump has said about us, our families, our friends and co-workers, we are saying ENOUGH!” said Ben Monterroso, executive director of Mi Familia Vota.

The ad, which has a Spanish-language version, was created by veteran Republican media consultant César Martínez, who has worked with the presidential campaigns of George W. Bush, John McCain and Jeb Bush.

“Millions of Hispanic Americans have been really hurt by Trump’s Trumpadas,” said Martínez. “This ad reflects how we, on the receiving end, feel about his Trumpadas and actions; but also shows that we have the solution to stop them, by voting.”

Monterreso, who was joined by other Latino leaders during a Thursday morning press call, said Latino voters are encouraged to vote against those who support Trump or his policies.

“We are Americans who deserve to be treated with respect,” said Monterroso. “He keeps slapping us in the face with his hateful speech and his policies.”

The president, said Monterroso, believes that “if you’re an immigrant, then you’re undocumented; if you’re undocumented, then you’re Mexican; and, if you’re Mexican, you’re most likely a terrorist.”

Angélica Salas, board chair of the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Ángeles (CHIRLA), said “Trump’s policies have hurt us every day. It is constant.”

“These ads remind our community that our best response is through voting,” said Salas, who criticized Trump’s most recent action to put U.S. military on the southern border to deny Honduran families “the chance to apply for asylum under international law.”

Blanca Flor Guillén-Woods, a senior analyst with Latino Decisions, said polling shows that Trump’s immigration policies makes 80 percent of Latino registered voters “angry and disgusted.”

The ad, she said, will help motivate Latino voters to take action.

“Our testing indicates the most powerful aspects of the ad are seeing Latinos take control by putting a stop to Trump’s attacks and having a call to action, which is to go out and vote,” said Guillén-Woods.

Martínez said he put together the ad at no cost to Mi Familia Vota, and emphasized that “no one was hurt during the production of this spot.”

Martínez said he declined to get involved in mid-term election campaigns this year “to work on something that gets the vote out for Latinos.”

“The best way I can be compensated is we get more people out to vote,” said Martínez.