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Perry's spending record criticized by Bachmann's Super PAC

North Carolina-based Keep Conservatives United, a super PAC supporting Michelle Bachmann, has released a commercial critical of Gov. Rick Perry that the group says they plan to start airing in South Carolina.

The ad cites a Star-Telegram story from July that compared Perry's spending record to his predecessor, George W. Bush.

The ad notes that state spending more than doubled since Perry took office in 2000. Here's some context from our article that the ad leaves out:

When Bush was governor, total state spending rose 13.3 percent every two years on average. Adjusting the figures for population growth and inflation, that growth rate was 2.3 percent.

Perry took the reins in December 2000. From then until 2011, spending increased an average of 16.8 percent every two years. Once adjusted for population and inflation, that rate falls to 4.2 percent. Adjusted spending figures in the just-passed 2012-13 budget are not yet available.

When Perry touts his record on spending, he more often focuses on general revenue, which makes up about half the state budget. That's the part of the budget that the governor and Legislature have the most control over.

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