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Bachmann meets with pastors in South Carolina

ROCK HILL -- GOP presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann held a private meeting with area pastors in Rock Hill Thursday morning, then left quickly for rallies in Columbia and Florence.

The Minnesota Congresswoman discussed her faith, her life story, and topics ranging from foreign policy and the economy, to education and reforming the tax code, those who attended the gathering said.

“We’re spending a lot of time in South Carolina...a crucial state in winning the presidency and we’re delighted with all the people we’re meeting across Rock Hill,” Bachmann said after the meeting.

Tony Caruso, bereavement coordinator for Hospice and Community Care in Rock Hill, was impressed with Bachmann’s intelligence and warmth, he said.

Caruso, a conservative with centrist leanings, said he’s looking for someone whose ideas are “down the middle of the road,” or someone who tells what they really think.

In his first impression of Bachmann, she seemed warm, genuine, and concerned about people, he said.

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