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Bachmann visits North Carolina for fundraiser

Hoping to capitalize on her win in Saturday's Iowa straw poll, Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann brought her campaign to Charlotte this morning for an early fundraiser.

Bachmann spoke to around 50 people who paid as much as $500 for the breakfast at the Morehead Inn.

She sandwiched the event between campaign stops this week in South Carolina, home of the GOP's first Southern primary in 2012.

Her victory in Iowa Republican straw poll is expected to help fill her coffers. Through June, she'd raised just $12,900 in North Carolina, less than four other GOP candidates including businessman Herman Cain.

In South Carolina, she'd raised only $7,600.

In a brief interview with the Observer, Bachmann said she expects to spend a lot of time in the Palmetto State.

"We intend to make this our home," she said. "South Carolina is an extremely important state."

She dismissed billionaire Warren Buffet's claim this week that the rich should pay more taxes. "There is absolutely nothing holding Warren Buffet back from sending a check to the U.S. Treasury," she said.

And she said the entry into the race of Texas Gov. Rick Perry "doesn't affect my strategy."

"There's room for an many candidates who want to come in as possible," she said.

Today's event was closed to the media. Before getting in her car to leave, she spoke briefly before a gaggle of TV cameras.

"Good morning everyone," she said. "My name is Michele Bachmann. I'm running to be president in 2012."

Apparently referring to South Carolina, she said, "This is a very important state for winning the election.... I'm excited about coming back time after time in this area."

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