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Stephen Colbert's Super Pac throws support to 'Rick Parry' for Iowa Straw Poll

Political observers have been curious how satirist Stephen Colbert would take advantage of his new Super PAC to mess with the GOP presidential primary race. Today, they got their first inkling.

Colbert recently received approval from the Federal Election Commission to allow his political action committee, called Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, to raise money and spend it on political causes.

The group is out with their first commercial and Rick Perry takes center stage.

In the commercial, Colbert appears to be trying to throw a wrench in the plans of Perry supporters to get Ames Straw Poll voters to write in Perry's name this Saturday. The Texas Governor won't be listed on the ballot.

"On August 13th, write in Rick Parry. That's Parry with an A for America. With an A for Iowa," Colbert says.

The commercial also mocks two other groups backing Perry in Iowa, GrowPAC and Jobs for Iowa, and even incorporates President Obama's 2008 campaign logo in the latter's name.

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