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Talk raging around whether Palin can be both mom and VP

It was apparently right there, under the surface for only a few days, simmering, waiting to somehow find a way to express itself.

But when the presumptive Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin revealed her 17-year-old unmarried daughter's unplanned pregnancy Monday, the quasi-sexist question of whether Palin could be a good mother and the vice president of the United States could be discussed among us openly and at will.

And it was. Bloggers, chat room participants, discussion boards, I-Reporters, your, mine and our Facebook, everywhere you went Tuesday Gov. Palin's other job was up for discussion.

Alternately praised for living her values or vilified for being too busy to be present in her daughter's teenage life, the woman couldn't escape nationwide debate on how she was at being that greatest of American icons: Mom.

Still, it was a day of odd reckoning for a country that had been lulled into believing — perhaps by the near-victory of Hillary Clinton to the Democratic nomination to the presidency — that we were done with all this "can women actually do this job?" stuff.

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