Students gain some aid

Undocumented students reacted with some dismay last week after the state Senate made several changes before the California DREAM Act was approved.

The Senate voted 22-11 to restrict how undocumented students can get Cal Grants.

According to these changes, undocumented students may apply for scholarships CalGrants but after that citizens or residents do it, a decision that left many with mixed feelings.

“Well I think it’s better than nothing, at least we will apply for these scholarships but to be honest, we are getting the leftovers. We can apply only when all others have already done is a bit unfair,” said Rosalinda García, an architecture major at California State University, Sacramento.

Others were more reluctant to accept the measure. Óscar Aguirre, a high school senior in Sacramento who said the measure will provide few opportunities to get a scholarship.

“They want us to apply once and all the others have done, this is unfair because CalGrants grants run out very quickly so waiting until the end means that there will be nothing available,” said Aguirre.

Last week the proposal was submitted to the Assembly with the changes, and was finally approved, 45-27. The bill now goes to Gov. Jerry Brown. During that meeting there was intense debate among many political leaders who expressed their opinions both on favor and against.

“The Assembly made history today by voting to agree on amendments and votes to pass AB 131, the final part of the California DREAM Act,” said Assemblymember Gil Cedillo, D-Los Ángeles and author of the DREAM Act bills.