No chips in windshield business

Modesto-- Osmar Osorio strongly believes that wherever you'll find vehicles, there's a way to may money if the clients receive good quality service and reasonable prices.

Osorio has more than 17 years experience in the business of selling and repairing windshields and auto accessories through Unlimited Auto Glass 4less.

He opened his first business in 1994 while he lived in San José. He relocated to the City of Patterson in 2006 and continued commuting to the Bay Area.

Then, the gas prices went to the ceiling.

"I put one and one together and it was too expensive to travel to San Jose than to open my own business here. We've been here (on Hatch Road) ever since and we are doing quite well," said Osorio, who is originally from Acapulco, Guerrero, México.

His business is well situated in a high Latino populated area but the competitors are also high.

"When we arrived, we didn't have any competition, but soon three similar businesses opened. In order to add variety, we added windshield repair and tinting," he said.