Michoacán native opens linen business

Sacramento-- For more than 20 years, Jesús Ávalos worked in a linen business for parties and social events in Sacramento. Seven months ago he decided to open his own business within the same industry, A&C Linens.

Ávalos, 45, originally from Los Reyes, Michoacán, came to California 40 years ago working in all kind of jobs. One day he started working at a linen business where he found out that's what he really wanted to do.

With the support of his sister-in-law, who already had a similiar business, he and his wife Guadalupe Castañeda, decided they knew enough of the business to start their own. So far, they feel very satisfied with what they have accomplished.

At their business, they do not only provide linen service but all kinds of arrangements for parties and events, mostly of Latino customers.

"Fortunately we started the business well, we have already received large orders which means that in so little time customers like our work. This motivates us to offer the best of our services," said Ávalos.

So far, this is a family business. Their five children help them with all the events. However, the couple has not ruled out that in the near future they will hire more staff as they expand.

"If things continue going as well as they have, there will be no need for our children to work because we can hire others. Perhaps five workers because table linens and event organizing is difficult to do," said Ávalos.

In the meantime, Ávalos works hard to open a new office that offers services in Woodland where the couple thinks there is a potential for clients.

"We want to grow in as many areas as possible, especially in areas with high Latino populations because that is where the greatest number of events are held where it's difficult to find our type of business," said Ávalos.

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