Youth take on politics

Sacramento-- José Ángel Castro, 17, is about to graduate from high school and has a clear idea about his future in politics.

"I'm excited to know how politicians can make laws that will affect people and be part of the solution of many problems that affect our lives. Some day I'll be in a position where I can help those in my community," said Castro last week during the annual Chicano Latino Youth Leadership Project at the State Capitol.

Castro, a student from the Los Ángeles area, was among 120 high school students from throughout the state who took park in political workshops, chats and mock sessions during a full day.

During a three-hour session, the high schoolers participated in a mock session about the procedure of bills becoming laws.

Assembly Speaker John Pérez was on hand to chat with the youth.

"These types of events are an excellent way to allow California's youth to be part of that solution, to develop their skills as of today in order to help them become better citizens and strong leaders in their communities," Pérez said.

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