Double win for Maldonado

Abel Maldonado is celebrating his double triumph achieved in the past primaries. On the one hand he reached the 43.2 percent of votes for his reelection as a Lieutenant Governor of California, and on the other hand his Proposition 14 was approved by 54.2 percent of the votes.

In November's general election, Maldonado will face Democrat Gavin Newsom, who won 54.7 of the votes.

With the passage of Proposition 14, and depending on the outcome of the general election in November, it will make the two candidates who received the most votes in the primary election, contend in the general election.

It also means that voters may vote for the candidate of their choice regardless of political party affiliation. Previously, voters could only vote for candidates of their political party.

Maldonado, who is the author of the Prop. 14, expressed his joy for the outcome, calling it a milestone for the political process in California.

"I am pleased that California voters decided to support this measure. With this they showed that they were unhappy with the way it works in Sacramento. Things will change because we have a legislature that cares more about the affairs of political parties that the people of California," said Maldonado.