Parties criticize Proposition 14

California's Democratic and Republican parties categorically rejected a proposition designed to diminish the importance and influence of politicians in Sacramento.

Proposition 14, which will be on the June 8 primary ballot, would allow voters registered to either party to cross party lines in primaries, meaning that the two candidates with the most votes will face each other in the general election.

Lt. Gov. Abel Maldonado authored the proposition, which he hopes will result in lawmakers who are more responsible and more willing to change.

"I know there is a lot of discontent among the leaders of both political parties, but this is the only way to end the manipulation and the excesses of power in Sacramento," said Maldonado.

The proposition is designed to diminish the power that extreme conservatives or extreme liberals have in electing state lawmakers. This would mean that two Republicans or two Democrats could face each other in the general election.