Another form of art

Michael and Claudia Vega have been working the last five years in the artistic ironwork design, one of the few businesses of this kind in Sacramento area.

The couple met 11 years ago when both worked in a blacksmith business and after several years, and after getting married, they decided to open their own store, Vega's Custom Iron, something that has filled them with great satisfaction.

"My husband and I already knew the business, we had the contacts and the way to work the iron, which is something difficult to achieve, especially when dealing with issues of art, so we launched this business and the result has been very positive," said Claudia Vega, a native of Los Ángeles.

Among the different designs they create are doors, windows, stairs, fences, gates and all sorts of jobs for housing and offices.

"I am responsible for working the iron and my wife is in charge of the design. We both have extensive experience in our work and that's why we've done well. Customers are always satisfied with our work," said Michael, of Cuban origin.

They commented that although they are responsible to do the job, they often have to resort to hiring others to help in the delivery and processing.

In a good year this business has gains of up to $250,000 a year; however, due to the economic crisis, gains have been lower in the last two years.