Religious leaders call for immigration reform

Due to the lack of an immigration reform, conservative religious and evangelic leaders from all over the country are asking President Barack Obama to approve the reform this year.

In teleconference last week, the faith-based leaders asked the government to approve such a reform, which should be given based on humanitarian reasons according to Bible teachings.

"The Bible teaches that we should treat well all foreigners that dwell in our land; this is why we should try to better their lives and make their stay comfortable," said Leith Anderson, president of Asociación Nacional Evangélica.

Anderson made clear that most evangelic groups are against an amnesty, even though they want all illegal immigrants to get legalized.

"We are not in favor of an amnesty but we are in favor of protecting families that live in fear of being deported. We acknowledge that our borders need to be protected, that should be a high priority for our country, but we also acknowledge that before anything else, all people should be protected," Anderson said.

Noel Castellanos, president of Asociación del Desarrollo de Comunidades Cristianas, reassured that all illegal immigrants are generally hard working people who contribute and help out in the progress of their communities.

"These people are not criminals and they do not try to take advantage of the system. They are just good hard working people who are ready to be part of this country," Castellanos said.

He added that a bipartisan solution is necessary in order to solve the illegal immigration problem, otherwise thousands of families would be hurt, and the children are not to blame for being here illegally.

For his part, Jim Tolle, pastor of The Church on the Way in Los Ángeles, said that if federal authorities do nothing to solve this problem, the only thing that will happen is that the situation will just keep getting worse.