Looking for real Mexican food

Ramiro Alarcón knows very well what 'the authentic taste of Mexican food' signifies something, he says, that is not very well known in Sacramento.

That is why six months ago he created his own catering business, Alarcón's Catering, where he puts into practice all his knowledge of authentic Mexican food.

Originally from México City and with a degree in Mexican gastronomy, Alarcón was vacationing in Sacramento and found proof that local restaurants did not serve real Mexican food.

"That is why in 2006, and with my family's insistence, I decided to come to Sacramento with the intention of opening a business where the true taste of Mexican food could be prepared," said Alarcón, 44.

Alarcón said the Mexican food available in Sacramento has a good taste, but that he has yet to find a place that serves authentic Mexican food.

The problem, he said, is that Sacramento restaurants based their menus on food from three states -- Jalisco, Michoacán and Guanajuato -- but are not familiar with other authentic plates.

In addition to catering, Alarcón also provides menu design services for restaurants.