Nava seeks top post

After 30 years in California politics, Assemblymember Pedro Nava, D-Santa Barbara, has a clear mission: He wants to be the next California Attorney General.

Nava, 62, is one of seven candidates seeking the post and one of three Latino candidates registered to date.

"I have had a long career in public safety. None of the other candidates is more familiar with the public safety situation especially the Latino neighborhoods. This is something I've been doing for the last 20 years," Nava said, during an interview in his Capitol office.

Nava has extensive experience in different areas of community service. Besides being assemblyman he is a lawyer. But, for him, the most important position he has had is Fresno County deputy district attorney, where he was in charge of narcotics cases.

"I know well the difficult situation facing so many young Latinos across the state due to drug problems. My intention is that all these young people are helped by providing assistance to stop using drugs through rehabilitation programs, which need strengthening," said Nava.

So far there are six candidates for the post of Attorney General. Nava is one of three Latinos running for that position; the other two are Alberto Torrico, D-San Francisco, and Los Angeles attorney Rocky Delgadillo.

Nava said that California needs a Latino Attorney General this time because the vast majority of problems facing the state occur in predominantly Latino neighborhoods.

"Our community is one of the most affected by drug problems, vandalism and people who do not have a voice to defend themselves. That's why I want this position; I want to be the voice of our people who need to improve their lives," said Nava.