Consulate sends its message

FRESNO -- About 1,000 people opened their e-mail last week and found in their inboxes the inaugural edition of 'Mexico @ the Central Valley,' a monthly e-bulletin published by the Consulate of México in Fresno.

In a few clicks, newsletter recipients could read a letter from consul Reyna Torres Mendívil, learn about upcoming events at the consulate and check out a recommended article about myths regarding México's fight against drug trafficking, among other features.

The goal of the new publication is to inform more people about events at the Mexican consulate and issues that affect the Mexican community in the San Joaquín Valley, said Laura Patricia Fernández of the consulate.

"It's very important to be able to reach more people," Fernández said in Spanish on Friday.

The newsletter, which is in English and Spanish, is the latest consulate effort to reach Mexicans through the Internet and new media.

The consulate also has a presence on social-media Web sites Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The consulate's name on the three sites is ConsulMexFresno.

Fernández said the consulate won't reach the entire Mexican community in the Central Valley through the Internet. Sometimes, she said, radio is more effective.

"With these sites, we are not going to reach everybody," Fernández said. "With this newsletter, we will definitely be able to reach community leaders."

She said the initial newsletter was sent to members of the media, university personnel, representatives with the Mexican government's Institute for Mexicans Abroad, city officials, people involved with the consulate's Ventanilla de Salud and others.

The hope, she said, is that such leaders will pass information to other community members.

Each edition of 'Mexico @ the Central Valley' will include regular features, such as a letter from the consul, information about celebrations for the 200th anniversary of México's independence from Spain and the 100th anniversary of the Mexican revolution, a health article from Ventanilla de Salud, a listing of upcoming events at the consulate and information about contests and other features.

Many articles also will contain links, which allow readers to access more information on a topic.

Thomas Brill, a Spanish-speaking personal-injury lawyer in Bakersfield who was appointed the consular attorney for Kern County, was among those who received the e-newsletter last week. He said the online publication is a great way to reach the community.

"It is nice to see that the consulate, which has always done a really good job of helping out Mexican nationals, is now sharing that information with the entire community," Brill said.

Eligio Nava, past president of the Central California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, also praised the consulate's newsletter.

"This is one more way of keeping everyone informed of what the Mexican Consulate is doing," Nava said. "I do believe it is an excellent idea to keep the connection between the Mexican Consulate and the Fresno County community."

Those who want to receive the next e-newsletter can e-mail their request to: or