Mexican ice cream parlor offers a twist

About two years ago, Juan Oceguera's brother-in-law brought up the idea of opening up a Mexican ice-cream store. Oceguera listened and La Reyna Michoacana on Crows Landing Road has been a true hit.

"Neither my brother-in-law or I knew anything about making ice cream or popsicles so we called a cousin from Michoacán (México) so he could teach us," said Oceguera.

The business' success has come not only from selling the typical Mexican traditional flavors like cheese or kiwi, but also from a variety of Mexican desserts that have become a staple at the location.

"Most of our products are from Michoacán and México's central states but we've also added some from Tijuana," said Oceguera. "Our clients are the most important thing to us and without them we would not be here, so we thank them by offering the best quality products," he said.