Yes, Barbie Día De Muertos will be available in the U.S too

Barbie Dia De Muertos will be available in the US too from + and will retail for $75.
Barbie Dia De Muertos will be available in the US too from + and will retail for $75. Special to Vida en el Valle

The great hunt for Barbie Día De Muertos doll is now underway.

Clovis resident Jennie Ramírez has been on a “Catrina Barbie hunt” since the day her husband, Froy L. Ramírez, showed her Vida en el Valle’s social media post on Facebook about the news of the commemorative Barbie.

“My wife tried to order one, but they won’t be available to order until Sept. 12,” said Froy L. Ramírez to Vida en el Valle through social media. “She’s going to order one. Pre-sale was sold out when she tried the day I showed this post to her.”

The Mattel Company generated plenty of buzz last month when it announced a special edition of Barbie as Catrina, México’s iconic Day of the Dead caricature, would be released on Sept. 12 in México.

But would the doll be available in the United States too? And, if so, where and at what price?

For those like Jennie Ramírez who would like to buy one, the answer to is yes. The doll will be available in the United State too.

“Barbie Día De Muertos will be available in the U.S. too from plus and will retail for $75,” said Devin Tucker, with Global Brand Communications Mattel, Inc. based in El Segundo.

As of Sept. 5, searching for “Barbie Día De Muertos” on or, didn’t yield any results to actually buy the doll or even pre-order it, as many were able to do in México.

The release date for the U.S is also the same as in México.

“The Barbie Día De Muertos doll will be available on Sept. 12 online from and,” Tucker said. “I would recommend that customers buy directly from either retailer.”

Mattel didn’t clarify if the brick-and-mortar Walmart stores in the U.S would carry the Barbie Día De Muertos.

In México, the Barbie Día De Muertos will be available at stores too.

“I signed up for updates when it’s available. Pre orders are sold out right now,” said Jennie Ramírez of her search for the doll.

Ramírez, 69, said she collects certain Babies like the Barbie and Elvis dolls or her Mexican artist and activist Frida Kahlo Barbie, which was part of Barbie inspiring women series and her Famous aviator Amelia Earhart barbie doll, also part of the inspiring women series which were launched in 2018 for International Women’s Day.

Since knowing about the Barbie Día De Muertos, Ramírez goes online to search for it, just in case she can get her hands on it.

“I have done that when looking for Frida Kahlo, they didn’t have it on stock,” she said. “Now I need to be on the hunt for this one.”

Ramírez said she signed up for alerts on Barbie Día De Muertos at Entertainment Earth website, a pioneer in the collectibles and toy industry.

Ramírez said Mattel did a great job with Barbie Día De Muertos.

“She is so pretty. They did a really good job on her,” Ramírez said of all the details from the flowers on the dress to the marigold hair piece. “It’s just a beautiful, beautiful doll. The details of the face. I love it.”

If anything else fails on her hunt for the Barbie Día De Muertos, Ramírez said she told her husband Froy that she is planning to stay up until midnight on Sept. 11, to get online and see if she can purchase as soon as the clock marks 12:01 a.m. on the released date.

“I stay up late anyway so doesn’t matter,” Ramírez.

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Barbie Día De Muertos production information

▪ Barbie celebrates Dia De Muertos with a collectible doll inspired by the time-honored holiday.

▪ This colorful and lively event is filled with music, food, sweets, offerings and flowers.

▪ Barbie Dia De Muertos doll honors the traditions and symbols often seen throughout this time.

▪ Barbie doll’s long, ruffled, embroidered dress is embellished with heart and butterfly details.

▪ Her face is painted in a traditional skull mask, and she wears a crown with monarch butterflies and bright marigolds.