Los Huracanes del Norte: 40 years strong

Los Huracanes del Norte, a group that specializes in corridos and love songs, will release an album with their greatest hits to celebrate 40 years in the music industry, while they also prepare a brand new album scheduled to be out in the fall.

"We already finished our album No. 64, which it includes 12 songs and different things that we've never done before as Huracanes del Norte, I think it's a very complete album and we have a lot of faith in it," said Guadalupe García, the band's saxophone player.

"The first single is called '¿Cómo le Hago?,' a guapanguito totally different from what Huracanes del Norte has ever done."

Los Huracanes del Norte started their music career in 1972 in California after changing their group's first name Los Cuatro del Norte, originally from Michoacán, México.

During their long trajectory and through their music, the group has have become the spokesperson for the immigrant community in the United States who would love to return and visit their homeland.

"I think that all of us music bands at one point fill that nostalgia gap that people feel for their country," said Eraclio García, vocalist and founder of the group. "I feel that our people, at some point of the day want to feel that they were in their country, and the only way to travel is through the music, and our songs transport them to their hometowns."

Last week, Los Huracanes del Norte released two special collection albums with 40 of their greatest hits to celebrate four decades since the founding of the group.

"Forty years of Los Huracanes del Norte for us means the sacrifice of leaving our families at home while we went on tours," Eraclio García said. "It means not being there for our children's birthdays, of that of our parents, Christmases or New Years, everyone knows that we've left our personal lives to dedicate ourselves to the people that like Los Huracanes del Norte's music."

"For us, celebrating 40 years is something very beautiful, very important," said Jesús 'Chuy' García, accordion player and co-founder of the group. "Because not all groups have been able to make it to 40 years, especially, in good health and with a lot of wishes to keep going. Forty years and still with a lot of wishes for 40 more."