Trio: Alex, Jorge y Lena

The musical trio Alex, Jorge and Lena became an overnight phenomenon when the three singers joined their talents.

Spanish pop star Alex Ubago, Colombian singer Jorge Villamizar and Cuban pianist/vocalist Lena Burke decided to create a new musical project to delight their respective audiences that previously knew them for their solo careers.

"Initially, our work was improvised. We did not give much importance to the possibility of creating an album. The three of us have been friends for many years and a long time ago we had made some comments about an idea to do something together, but the truth is that we never thought it would become a reality," said Alex Ubago during a recent telephone interview.

Ubago -- who is best known for his romantic ballads -- shot to fame after launching his own album in 2001 thanks to the success of the song 'Sin Miedo a Nada' (Nothing To Fear), a duet with Amaia Montero.

Villamizar is best known for his 12 years as lead vocalist and member of the Colombian group Bacilos. Of the three, he has enjoyed the most success because of his affiliation with the group and then as a solo singer, songwriter and guitarist.

And Burke has spent most of her life playing the piano and in the process, discovered her vocal talent. Her career was launched when she released the soundtrack to the film 'La Mala' (2009) -- a film about the famous Cuban singer La Lupe.

Last year, the trio released their first album together entitled, 'Alex, Jorge and Lena' and its first single, Estar Contigo' (Be With You) was an instant sensation in Latin América. This year, they were nominated for a Premio Lo Nuestro for Best Group or Duo.

Ubago said the trio's musical project was something that happened without too much thought.

"We had no intention of creating this music for us. It was supposed to be for others, but we realized it was very original," he said.

His idea of a threesome was so preposterous that they even considered giving away the first songs they composed together to other artists.

But Ubago immediately knew that collaboration was working well.

It wasn't until then that the three reconsidered the idea of becoming a trio and using that music to create their own album.