New love, new album

Love has knocked on the doors of singer/actress Patricia Manterola, yet she does not want to talk about her future wedding to fiancé Forrest Kolb. But Manterola is very open about her new album, 'Ya Terminé' (I Am Done), currently out in stores.

Q: What is the difference between this album and your previous ones?

A: "This is my 7th album and it is different because I wrote all of the songs. For the first time ever, I open the doors to my intimacy with songs that are based on my personal experiences. This is an album where I present Patty Manterola the woman without limits; it is what I think, what I feel, and what I've lived."

Q: Why did it take you 3 years to record a new album?

A: "I am a very restless person and I dedicated a lot of my time to prepare and release my new foundation (Baja Una Estrella), which fulfills me with satisfaction and pride. Then I did some television work and now it is time for music. I like to believe that things that are worthy take longer but when they do arrive, you enjoy them a lot more and that is the case with my new album."

Q: Do you feel satisfied with the pace of your Hollywood career?

A: "Acting does not have a Hollywood, México, film or television label. When you are an actress, your passion is acting independently of where the movie, telenovela or series takes place. Hollywood has never been my only goal because that would limit me as an actress and as a human being."

Q: A message for your fans...

A: "I give you this album with all of my heart. I hope you can identify yourself with these stories that connect us at the human level with feelings of love and lack of affection."