Spanish is in for Alba

Actress Jéssica Alba has started to take Spanish-language classes and wants to do movies in that language, especially if they have subjects that are important to the Latino community.

"I want to do movies in Spanish. I identify and gravitate in the Hispanic community," Alba told Siempre Mujer, where she is featured for the February/March issue.

"There are so many interesting issues and so many stories that are worth telling about the immigrant life. I think it is a gold mine that has not been exploited enough and I want to be a part of that. There are millions of women that I would love to play in a movie," she said.

Among some of the possible issues she mentioned the violence on the Mexican border, the politician situation in Venezuela and Bolivia and Colombia's drug trafficking. "There are thousands of issues that I'm interested in."

Alba, who is a third generation of Mexican immigrants, assured that she would have loved to grow up speaking both English and Spanish; an opportunity that she is now offering her daughter, Honor Marie.