One spontaneous music lover

These days it is very odd to see a celebrity with such a genuine and humble personality like that of music mogul Aleks Syntek.

With a successful two-decade career, Syntek, 40, spoke to Vida en el Valle about his latest music production 'Métodos de Placer Instantáneo' (Methods for an Instant Pleasure) which has already garnished him Gold Album status for its sales in his México.

Q: Where did you get the idea for this album's title?

A: "I always try to have an eye-catching title that is a bit different from the conventional ones and one that gets the public's attention. I also believe that all the titles to my albums are promises to my public."

Q: When you go into the recording studio do you feel pressured to make the new album better than the previous ones?

A: "I never think about it... I like to be interactive, I like to be spontaneous. I never studied music; my work has always been more of a personal pleasure because I'm a music lover and like using my ear. I don't like to think about harmonies o frequencies o technicalities, I always do things in an empirical and very spontaneous way. At the end, the result is always different and the public already forgives me if I skip from a danceable song to a funky, from a funky to a ballad, from a ballad to disco music. They know that as a musician I have a vocation to explore and experiments so see what I can come up with to impress them."

Q: What is the key to maintaining your success for 20 years?

A: "More than anything is not to go with what is in style at that time. To create my own music niche, my own proposal and the public has allowed me to do that so far. I also believe the secret to remain permanent and keep the public's attention is to have your own personal story to tell."

His album includes special guest Rubén Blades on the song 'Mujer Animal' (Animal Woman). Syntek's first single is called 'Loca' (Crazy) and is the theme song to the telenovela 'Los Exitosos Pérez' (The Successful Pérez) which will air in the USA on the Telemundo network next month.