Mauricio Islas

Playing the leading man's role in a telenovela is not something new for Mexican actor Mauricio Islas.

The proof lies with Adrián Torres in 'Pecados Ajenos,' Antonio Álamo in 'Amores de Mercado,' Gabriel Campusano in 'Los Plateados' and most recently in Emiliano Alcázar in 'La Loba,' which started airing on Azteca América Feb. 22.

With 18 years of acting experience, Islas makes sure that each one of his roles is different from one another.

"I feel very happy with the leading roles because they are based on a character in a story that carries a lot of weight and a lot of responsibility, but I handle them the same way as any other role," said Islas during a recent phone interview. "I like for my characters to be physically different. I like to have different hairdos, lose or gain weight. I am a firm believer in the chameleon actor."

For his role of Emiliano Alcázar he had to lose weight through diet and lots of exercise. But despite those sacrifices, his reward was to share the screen with the gorgeous and talented actress Ivonne Montero.

They had never worked together before and yet their chemistry on the screen seems natural.

"This work is about trust. I like to work that in a lot. For me, a scene that deals with couples needs to feel comfortable so the actors can have that chemistry and transmit it to the viewers," said Islas, 36.

'La Loba' is produced by María del Carmen Marcos and is about love, but also hate, vengeance and a great secret. Emiliano loves cars and is a prominent bachelor who feels empty inside. After living in Madrid, Spain, for a while, he returns to México where he meets 'La Loba' (Montero) and will know what real love is all about.

"I love the story. I like the classic melodramas. It is a classic, classic, classic melodrama where you have common and uncommon grounds, villains, huge problems," Islas said. "My character has a lot of those ingredients that make him a complete character. He is not the type that will sit around while things are happening around him. Things happen to him and he reacts, he goes and defends love, he is very passionate and I like that a lot."

Islas started his career in 1992 in 'Carrusel de las Américas.'

Later came various roles, but it wasn't until 1998 when he landed his first leading role in 'Preciosa.' Two years later he played his first villain in the telenovela 'Primer Amor A Mil Por Hora.' And his list of work and awards started to grow. He also added film and theater to his résumé.

Today, with numerous triumphs and international fame, Islas has no plans to slow down.

"I still have a lot of things I want to do. More theater, more films. I am currently rehearsing for a very important play. I still have a lot to do, I would like to direct and, of course, produce," he said.

And what is his biggest accomplishment yet?

"Working today in what I love the most. To continue in what I love so much after all of these years."

'La Loba' airs at 10 p.m. Monday through Friday on Azteca América (KMSG channel 39 Fresno, KFAZ channel 8 Visalia, KTNC channel 42 Modesto, San Francisco).

"'La Loba' is one of those stories that we love because of the melodrama, one of those strong stories, one of those stories that we Mexicans loves so much. It has all of the ingredients. It has a first-class cast. I hope the viewers will give us the opportunity to enter their homes and I am sure that we will stay there," Islas said.

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