Tito El Bambino is still the boss

Months ago when Tito El Bambino sat down to write his new single, 'Te Pido Perdón' (I ask for your forgiveness) he realized that sending the message of forgiveness through the music was something that had not been heard of in reggaetón.

"It's a subject that is not encouraged. Everyone says they are macho, that is why I wanted to compose for those people who maybe don't have the guts to talk about forgiveness with their partner, but they will decide to call them and play the song," said the Puerto Rican singer.

El Bambino describes himself as a "crazy romantic" and feels happy for the success he's had with his song 'El Amor' (Love) that last year became the No. 1 hit in the radio.

He recorded that song with Jenni Rivera for the Mexican Regional genre and with La India in the Salsa genre. Both versions are part of the limited edition of his third album, 'El Patrón: La Victoria' (The Boss: The Victory), which was released in Nove. 2009.