Thalía turns her career around

Mexican singer Thalía has given her career a 180-degree change and that can be seen on her new documentary 'Primer Fila' (First Row) which will be out in December along with a CD.

On it she confesses to have let herself be trapped by the fame. According to Thalía, the glamorous image that went hand on hand with her career dampened her singing abilities. But this time in her career, Thalía wants to start fresh.

"I don't want any choreographies, no sequence, no accessories, I just want to sing," said Thalía, who is married to Tommy Motola and has a 2-year-old daughter, Sabrina Sakae.

Thalía defines herself a "strong, aggressive, vulnerable, sweet, ferocious and unstoppable" woman who during this phase of her career, wants to return to her roots.

"I want to be that little girl who sung in her house with her soul and her heart," Thalía said.