Living up the dream

Life is not the same anymore.

At least not for Cuban singer Marlon Fernández, who after winning the TV reality show 'Objetivo Fama' in 2006 his life has taken a 180 degree turn.

"But for the best!" said Marlon during a recent telephone interview to promote his third album 'Estoy De Pie' (I Am On My Feet). "It is beautiful to walk down the street and people recognize you and like your music; to be able to get on a stage and for people to sing your music."

With a three-year-career and three albums, Marlon, 31, said this latest album is different from other Salsa music albums out there.

"This album has many fusions; it is a salsa album with R&B, salsa with some rock touches. It is definitely something different from what is out there in the market right now," he said.

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