Duranguense is his ride to fame

The days are long gone when El Güero y Su Banda Centenario would perform at weddings, quinceañeras or private parties.

In only five years of having his own music band, El Güero -- Jorge Hernández -- has released seven albums, and four songs have made it to the top of the music charts. His most recent album and single, 'Se Nos Murió El Amor' (Our Love Has Died), is one of those hits and El Güero says his life has changed since he stepped on stage.

"It is a different experience being on that stage and seeing people singing your songs. It is something I could not believe," he said. "Today when I get on a stage before 4,000 or 5,000 people who are singing one of the songs I produced, it is something I can't explain."

But it is a reality that the musician is enjoying.

Hernández got his nickname of El Güero, or Blondie, when he was a kid because of his blue eyes and light-colored hair. He was born in Milwaukee, Wis., to parents originally from Jalisco, México. From a young age, El Güero leaned toward music and mastered many instruments.

Today, he is putting all of his skills, including producing, into play with his band and is proud that his duranguense music style is not like the rest.

"Our music is different when it comes to the music arrangements. We are adding a lot more synthesizers," said El Güero. "I sing R&B but within the duranguense genre and that is something that has distinguished us from the rest."