Frida's passion

The story of Frida Kahlo has been known through different mediums, films, books, documentaries, and biographies but few have taken the story to theatre.

The Teatro California Stage in Sacramento is currenlty presenting 'Frida Kahlo,' written by Rubén Amavizca Murúa, director of the Los Ángeles Teatro Sinergía.

The theatrical version is directed by Manuel José Pickett and it is centered on the events that changed Kahlo's life. For Pickett, the inspiration Frida finds to paint is a result of two grand tragedies.

"If 'Frida' had not suffered those tragedies she would not have been as known world-wide as she is today," Pickett said. "What I mean is that her sufferings and frustrations were channelled through her pictoral work, in her passion for life, expressing love, color, nature, fantasies, dreams, all of those feelings that kept her alive."

Kahlo's character is played by Diana Tercero, one of the few Mexican-American students in the Dramatic Arts Dept. at California State University, Sacramento.


Cast/Elenco: Diana Tercero (Frida Kahlo), Richard Falcón (Diego Rivera), Diana Mandujano (Judas), Nelly Trejo (Julia), y Cristina Pérez (Christina).

English-language shows: April 16-May 1.

Presentaciones en español: del 23 de abril al 3 de mayo.

Where/Dónde: California Stage, 2509 R Street in Sacramento.

Reservations/Reservaciones: (916) 451-5822.