Twins to become millionaires at age 18

Singer Ricky Martin is thinking about his sons Valentino's and Mateo's future. The superstar created a financial plan for them: Each will receive $7 million once they turn 18. But there is a catch. The twins will have access to that money only if they are enrolled in a university and have a career.

If not, the twins will only see that money once their dad passes away.

Martin became a dad to twins in August of last year through a surrogate mother.

Paparazzi published photos of Diego Luna being very "friendly" with a woman in Monterrey, México. Although Luna says it was all a misunderstanding, his wife Camila Sodi has moved to her mother's house in New York.

Benicio Del Toro will join Sean Penn and Jim Carey to star in the new movie of 'The Three Stooges.' Del Toro will play the role of Moe.

Actress Bárbara Mori recently revealed that she was diagnosed with breast cancer but since it was caught at an early stage, she recovered with medical treatment.

"I am completely recuperated, I had surgery, but it is necessary to be constantly informed and get continued checkups," she said.

Hijos millonarios

El cantante Ricky Martin ya está pensando en el futuro económico de sus hijos Valentino y Mateo, por ello hizo un fideicomiso, donde cada uno recibirá $7 millones al cumplir los 18 años de edad.

Sin embargo, de acuerdo a reportes, los gemelos sólo tendrán acceso a ese dinero si están estudiando una carrera, de lo contrario sólo verán el color de esa fortuna cuando su papá fallezca.