Vida en el Valle's Sociales

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Vida en el Valle's Sociales


Vida en el Valle's Sociales pages is a great way to get your birthday, wedding, graduation, engagement, quinceañera, anniversary or special event published.

Send us a photo of your recent wedding, quinceañera, engagement, birth, anniversary or social event! Vida en el Valle will publish it FREE OF CHARGE!

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Sociales submissions will appear in color, free of charge in the print version of Vida en el Valle. We will make every effort to get your Sociales submission in our publication as soon as possible. Submissions must be made by the Friday prior to publication date. Only recent photos will be accepted. All submissions may be edited and republished in any format. Submissions become the copyrighted property of Vida en el Valle. Vida does not guarantee all photos will be published.

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Please describe the event and list the name of the people in the photo from left to right, first and last name. 50 words or less. This form must be filled out for each Sociales photo submitted