The first telenovela with gay characters makes history in México


Agencia EFE

Mexcian actors Joaquín Bondoni and Emilio Osorio star in the television series ‘El Corazón Nunca Se Equivoca.’
Mexcian actors Joaquín Bondoni and Emilio Osorio star in the television series ‘El Corazón Nunca Se Equivoca.’ EFE

A Mexican telenovela has made history by featuring a gay couple with lead protagonists Aristóteles and Cuauhtémoc appearing on screens across the nation to break taboos and push for greater acceptance for the country’s LGBT community.

“The series makes visible and normalizes the LGBT movement,” Emilio Osorio, the 16-year-old actor who portrays Aristóteles in ‘Juntos, El Corazón Nunca Se Equivoca’ (Together, The Heart Is Never Wrong), said at the presentation of the new show.

“Love is love, so there must always be respect,” Osorio said, adding that people should also be “brave and not give up.”

Joaquín Bondoni, who plays Cuauhtémoc, shared his co-star’s view.

“To unite a family there are basically two things: communication and love,” he said.

Juan Osorio, the director of the show, said he had an excellent team around him and expressed his gratitude to Mexican TV company Televisa for its open-mind and willingness to reach out to young people.

“When it comes to a series that is broadcast on public television you have to go through obstacles and convince people, but I have a lot of faith in the project,” he told Efe.

The telenovela premiered on channel Las Estrellas on Jun. 23 and was well-received by its audience.

Its appeal was reflected on social media as the first episode began to trend in Mexico and attracted a flurry of mentions.

“On the social networks, it was spectacular for us,” the director said.

Its success was on view the following day, too, during the public presentation of the series, which took place in the center of Coyoacán, in the south of Mexico City.

The event was attended by hundreds of fans who wanted to meet the stars of ‘Juntos, El Corazón Nunca Se Equivoca’ in person.

The new show is a spin-off of another called ‘Mi Marido Tiene Familia,’ which ran between 2017-19 and featured the characters of Aristóteles and Cuauhtémoc.

‘Juntos, El Corazón Nunca Se Equivoca’ came to light thanks largely to the popularity the two characters gained in the first series.

In the new show, the characters move to México City to begin their university careers.

“It is a beautiful family story that teaches that life, whatever happens, has to go on with courage, honesty, strength and with the security of being happy,” Bondoni, who is also 16, said.

A total of 26 episodes have been recorded so far.