Trump’s first 100 days is nothing to brag about

Despite what we hear coming from the White House, the first 100 days of President Donald J. Trump should be nothing to crow about. Yet, the billionaire we elected to become the 45th president of this great nation continues to tweet and talk about his accomplishments thus far.


Tearing up NAFTA won’t be that easy for Trump

President Donald J. Trump – who has called the North American Free Trade Agreement “one of the worst deals ever” – wants to dismantle the 25-year-old trade agreement that binds the U.S., Canadian and Mexican economies into a major world force.


Legislators take tough first step in fixing state’s battered roadways

When the state Legislature did what it had to do to find a solution to start fixing California’s battered highways, bridges and roads, it did so on a mostly partisan manner that revealed a) Gov. Jerry Brown successfully pushed an unpopular tax and fee increase because $52 billion will not appear from out of thin air over the next 10 years; and, b) Republicans continue to mistrust Democrats whenever there is a tax increase, no matter what the cause is.


Congressman Nunes: Nation’s principles, integrity and district needs less important than protecting Trump

Congressman Devin Nunes has been derelict in carrying out his duties as a Member of Congress since his election in 2003. The most recent and notable negligence is his role in undermining his own investigation as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee of a precedent- setting provocation by Russia of our democracy. His convoluted explanations, logic and actions have placed this very important work in jeopardy of lacking the bipartisanship, integrity and thoroughness such an investigation must carry. His recusal from the Russia inquiry was announced shortly before the House Committee on Ethics made public that he was under investigation because he “may have made unauthorized disclosures of classified information.”


Trump’s immigration reform should start with 2013 Senate version

Good luck if you know where President Donald J. Trump stands on immigration reform. Is he the presidential candidate who labeled Mexicans as “rapists, murderers and drug dealers?” Or, is he the president who said he has a heart for undocumented youth protected under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals?


Immigration crackdown handled badly

The Trump administration’s green light for immigration enforcement – from looking for hardened criminals to making sure that so-called dreamers were not affected – has gotten off on the wrong foot.


No one is advocating for open borders

The never-ending debate over this country’s immigration system will continue as long as folks on both sides of the imaginary wall continue to hurl alternative facts. As we have mentioned through the years, fixing a broken immigration system presents a complex problem with many moving parts.


City County 2017 Football

Central Section City/County All-Star Football Game on June 16, 2017 at Lamonica Stadium at Clovis High School. The annual game, the 63rd, goes to County in a 41-22 victory over the City squad.
City County 2017 Football 2:21

City County 2017 Football

Fresno Unified staff, teachers and students shave their heads for cancer research 2:15

Fresno Unified staff, teachers and students shave their heads for cancer research

What's up with Caruthers High 2010 Doctors Academy graduate Stephanie Huerta? 1:41

What's up with Caruthers High 2010 Doctors Academy graduate Stephanie Huerta?

Fresno Unified School District improved P.E. curriculum 2:03

Fresno Unified School District improved P.E. curriculum


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